-SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM is a fanzine that is all about records, and all things DIY HC/punk. Each issue has discussions about shit going down in HC/punk, personal stories about how HC/punk affects folks, and a ton of info about bands/records/labels/whatever of new and old. Issues come out about every 8 - 10 months and in between issues, I'm always thinking about the next issue. I'm always looking for contributors, artists, distibutors, other zinesters and penpals alike. Zines rule. Hardcore rules. And they will never go away. Start a zine, get in touch and kill a message boarder. 

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Issue #10! This issus is packed with ‘East Coast Pogo Attack Pt. 1’ which is an interview with Bill Chamberlain (THE PIST, REACT, CAUSTIC CHRIST, etc…) about his old label, Eugene Records. 3 ‘My First Record’ Stories by long time SITF friends Oleg, Sean M. & the infamous editor of Distort Fanzine, DX. A best of 2011 featuring lengthy write-ups on my favorites of this past year (BRAIN KILLER, SHOPPERS, RATIONAL ANIMALS, RAT STORM, TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE & some honorable mentions). An expose called, ‘Bridges Into Punk’ which is a look into how many small town dorks (like myself) found punk & underground culture. ***some see this as a thinly veiled way for me to express my former love for MTV & the mall - you’ll just have to judge for yourself.*** A write-up on the un-fuck-withable, Monument to Thieves LP by HIS HERO IS GONE. A quick break down of a bunch of books on punk and hardcore aptly titled, ‘Punk Books.' Columns by Hardcore Daddy, Bob Suren, Bostonian Babe, Krystina K. & yours truly, plus lots of amped up reviews, rub-on letters & overcrowded backgrounds.

#10 is beautifully offset printed with 2-color covers and type-set entirely in blood-red ink. It’s looks great and I’m proud as hell.

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Another issue fat with all things concerning hardcore/punk. This one has interviews with Tampa tittybabies, NEON BLUD and German bludgeoners RESURRECTIONISTS. This issue proudly houses the definitive history of legendary record store/distro/label, Sound Idea written by hardcore-head honco, Bob Suren. There's a feature called, Records That Kill which discusses 4 records that personify the emotions: GUILT, HATE, FEAR & REGRET as well as a piece that poses the question: Can Punk(s) Age Gracefully? which talks about punk growing older as well as punx growing up. All of this plus 3 account of losing punk rock virginity by way of My First Record Stories and of course columns and reviews too. A bit more negative this time around, but still amped as fuck about punk.

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Issue 8 is here and fat as hell. It's the biggest issue yet at 48 pages cover to cover. This one has a huge history/discography of the noisey, unsettling & socially-ill equipt, GOB from Reno, Nevada. It comes complete with an interview with GOB backbone, Jon Kortland. Another big feature is the "Zines Vs Blogs" feature where 5 zine creators and 5 blog makers are interviewed about how the two co-exist and what their relationship is in 2010. Besides that there is an interview with DC's DEATHRATS, an excellent piece called, "Death Of The Music Industry," where Scott Bentz celebrates the slow-but-inevitable death of the parasitic music industry. There's a bit more RUPTURE info for all you fanatics out there, as well as columns by yours truly and our two new permanent columnists, Bob Suren (of Sound Idea Distribution, FAILURE FACE, MURDER-SUICIDE PACT fame) and Krystina K (of RIPSHIT) to offer up their opinions on some shit, and of course, reviews and tons of toner stains. All of this coupled with a letter I received and an article called, "The Politics of Becoming Jaded," add an unintentional, but undenyable theme to the issue: What of hardcore now, and where is it going?

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Are we destroying hardcore from within? This issue was originally supposed to be the "controversy" issue. Even though that idea was scrapped, some remnants still hung around like the huge "Gone But Not Forgotten" piece on Aussie Orangutans, RUPTURE. This history piece takes a critical look at the band and includes a lengthy discography with reviews and pressing info, a reprinted interview from 1998 and other info about the band. Also inside is a story on BORN AGAINST and how important an outspoken band like that was to hardcore/punk at the time, and how it has shaped it since, A story on "Seperate-But-Communal" living, 3 "My First Record" Stories, Columns, Reviews, a current Florida Scene Report and more. This is the first issue that is actually printed, instead of copied and has super high contrast and tons of halftones!

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Hummidity seeps in. Finally, a year after #5, comes the "Mostly Florida Issue." This one has a great PALATKA history written by a Mark R., of the band, a big story about the first SCROTUM GRINDER 7" written by Bob Suren and a band history written by SG drummer, Brian, a huge discography of DIY lables in Florida, and a story on some classic Florida records by Nevin. There's also features on the Best Records of 2007, how to re-use old LP jackets plus all the regular features like, "My First Record" Stories, Columns, Reviews and more DIY HC/punk enthusiasm! This is the biggest issue yet, and, in my opinion, the best.

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Positively Annihilate! Oh yeah! This one's got HELLNATION's "Your Chaos Days Are Numbered" pegged as the "Best Record Ever", along with a "Best Record Ever" Poll, so cast your votes! There's a "Gone But Not Forgotten" story/discography on M BLANKET, an interview with St. Louis' CIVIC PROGRESS, "Adventures In Record Collecting Part II: A Punk's Guide To The Dollar Bin", A story of Diego's trip to Mexico and the punk (or lack of) Adventures he had, 2 "My First Record Stories", and of course some apeshit reviews, columns and more!

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Issue 4 is out! This one looks killer and I think has the best content yet. In this one there is a history/HUGE discography story on the mighty ENEMY SOIL, Tips of DIY touring, A feature on some of the worst records i've ever bought...and some tips that will hopefully save you from making the same mistakes i did. There are 3 "My First Record" Stories, a write up on the NO SECURITY/DOOM split for the Best Record Ever!?! contender, Reviews, Columns & I asked a group of punks about their Top 5 NON-PUNK records! That plus some stuff I know i'm forgetting. The cover to this was done by Sean Fitzgerald of Protest Zine plus some awesome art from Kris Garcia inside! All of this and suprisingly, not that many typos!

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Just in time for tour!!! This issue has the best 'Gone But Not Forgotten' section yet. It has a huge history and interview with EBOLA. The 'Best Record Ever' is CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE's In A Few Hours Of Madness 7". This issue also features 3 'My First Record' Stories, and discussion about the do's and don'ts of DIY promotion with contributions from Bob Suren, Max Ward, Ryan Cappelletti & Ben Parker as well as an some awesome tips on starting your own label/distro written by Nevin. All of that plus the regular reviews and assorted goozin' over records.

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This is a thick-ass issue that is way better than the first one. Issue #2 features BLEEDING RECTUM as the chosen 'Gone But Not Forgotten' band, REMAINS OF THE DAY's 1st LP as the 'Best Record Ever' canadate and has a DIS-cussion about the internet in HC/punk...namely, Myspace. It has a killer Irish Punk History and features on The Most Influencial/Best Comps out there, Some tips on putting on a good DIY show, a feature on some not-boring youthcrew bands, and a story called, "Born Too Late," which gives a history of HC/punk in Naples, Florida. Plus the regular goodies: 2 'My First Record Stories', reviews and more.

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Issue #1, GO! This introductory issue features LUZIFER'S MOB as the 'Gone But Not Forgotten' band, THE PIST's Ideas Are Bulletproof LP as the 'Best Record Ever' pick and 3 killer 'My First Record Stories.' Also included are some contact info for awesome labels/zine/distros, instructions how to make transfer patches and reviews.

Every issue needs contributions! If you contribute something you will recieve credit in the zine and some copies for you and friends. Please read on for more info:

-ART WORK- Can you draw? Well, i can't. This is a zine based around HC/punk, but the art doesn't have to be limited to that.
-'MY FIRST RECORD STORIES'- Everyone has one. Remember that one record that changed your life and showed you the beauty of DIY HC/punk? WRITE A STORY ABOUT IT! And please include a picture of yourself with that oh-so-special record. (I know this is kind of in the eye of the beholder, and i know we all have to start somewhere, but please no major label, mall punk bullshit.)
-IDEAS!- If you have an idea for something you think would fit, please get in touch.